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Richmond Hill Door Installation

Richmond Hill Door Installation is your premier solution in the Greater Richmond Hill area for sales and installation of new automatic doors, including automatic sliding doors, automatic swing doors and revolving doors, as well as maintenance and service of new and existing automatic entry systems, including automatic sliding doors, manual ICU and CCU sliding doors, automatic swing doors, low energy swing door operators, full energy swing door operators, in-ground automatic door operators, revolving doors, manual doors and pass-thru and drive-thru window systems.

Richmond Hill Door Installation can provide complete repair and preventative maintenance for commercial and industrial automatic door applications. We pride ourselves on our expert installations, experienced sales team and outstanding “after sales” customer and warranty service, making us the premier automatic door service provider in the greater Ontario market.


Richmond Hill Door Installation installers and service professionals are factory trained and certified, and are skilled in all phases of installation and service. We offer installation and repair on nearly every brand of automated entrance system on the market today.

No matter what your application, Richmond Hill Door Installation will provide you with the necessary information and workforce required to get the job done right the first time around, every time!



Whether you’re installing a new automatic door system, retrofitting an existing opening or automating existing manual swing doors, Richmond Hill Door Installation can provide a solution to meet your projects requirements. Door Installation Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill Door Installation offers years of experience working with architects, project specifiers, interior designers, general contractors, glass and glazing companies, door companies and building owners. Richmond Hill Door Installation can work from blueprints, through general concepts or simple sketches of your design intent to provide a solution to meet your needs. Richmond Hill Door Installation are confident that we can assist with bringing your design to reality.

Automatic and Manual Door Products

Automatic door products by Richmond Hill Door Installation includes installation of automatic and manual sliding, swing, folding and revolving doors as well as manual sliding ICU/CCU doors and drive-thru windows.

Automatic swing door operators are available for low energy applications for ADA handicap accessibility or full energy applications.

Fire Door Repair and Installation

Why You Need Richmond Hill Fire/Smoke Doors on Your Property

When you run a commercial or industrial establishment, you need to take fire safety very seriously. If you don’t have an efficient fire safety system in place, you risk the lives and health of your employees and business associates. At Richmond Hill Door Installation, we know that Richmond Hill Fire/Smoke doors are a vital part of a fire protection system on commercial properties.


What are Fire/Smoke Doors?

Fire doors stop the spread of fire and smoke from one area to another. They can act as obstacles and give you more time to escape the property because they will delay the progress of fire; you still need to exit the property and get as far away from it as you can. Fire doors can slow down, but can’t entirely stop the progress of the fire. Sometimes the isolation is enough for fire personnel to extinguish the flames, but you shouldn’t take the chance.


What are These Doors Made Of?

Richmond Hill Fire/Smoke doors are typically made of fire-resistant materials like stainless steel, anodized aluminum, or galvanized steel. These materials can withstand extreme levels of heat and are perfect for such situations. Steel and aluminum can also withstand considerable amounts of wear and tear so you won’t have to replace them too often.



The law requires that all Richmond Hill Fire/Smoke doors be perfectly functional at all times. They should open and close well and have a tight seal that won’t allow flames or smoke to pass. If the door doesn’t form a good seal or doesn’t open or close well, you need to call in a repair contractor to address the problem immediately. If you defer getting the door repaired, the inspector will notice it during the fire safety check, and that would be a black mark against you.


Types of Systems

There are three types of Richmond Hill Fire/Smoke doors available in the market- weight-close, reel-close, and motorized systems. Each of these systems has their advantages and disadvantages, so you should consult with an expert before you purchase any product.

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