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Door Repair and Replacement in Richmond Hill

You can depend on our door replacement services at Door Services Richmond Hill. We have the experience and craftsmanship required on our behalf for a prime and precise door replacement or repair. We work with the finest tools and equipment in the industry for optimum results 100% of the time.

You might be in need of a commercial door repair and replacement if your door is experiencing the following:

Problematic hinges- Pivots break on a commercial door whenever the door itself is mishandled or whenever the door is jerked opened. Because there are multiple pivot styles, finding the right replacement might be difficult for other companies but for Door Services Richmond Hill, nothing is impossible.

Issues with the door boards- if your commercial door is jamming, this can be caused by a split or even marred door board.

Our commercial door services help you remain confident in the performance and quality of your doors. No commercial door repair is too complicated for us to handle’ regardless of the issue with your commercial door, through our door repair and replacement we can find the proper solution.

Get in touch with the professionals at Door Services Richmond Hill for a top of the line door repair and replacement in Richmond Hill and at a price you can afford.  We also perform a high class commercial door installation at a low price. Call us now for your free estimate.

Hollow Metal Frame Door in Richmond Hill

Door Services Richmond Hill have been in the business of installing commercial hollow metal doors and commercial hollow metal door frames for multiple years. A Hollow Metal Frame Door in Richmond Hill can provide your commercial property with a great array of benefits.

The advantages of installing this type of door or door frame include:

Security- hollow metal door are known for their maximum-security factor. You can encounter these type of doors in facilities such as financial institutions, governmental building, and so forth due to the fact that they carry a valuable safety factor.

Hollow metal doors are built to repel fire arms, explosives, and even fire through the security it upholds

Design– Hollow metal doors can meet just about any structural need that you demand This type of door offers great design freedom which makes it a great investment for a variety of businesses and facilities,

Aesthetic Appeal– This type of door presents your commercial property with many visual components. Hollow metal doors at Door Services Richmond Hill are manufactured mimicking the look and texture of several other materials.

Durability– this door type is frequently chosen as it offers a property great sustainability. It is built to withstand wind, rain, snow, heat, and cold. Plus, this door is easy to maintain.

Find the best hollow metal frame door in Richmond Hill by contacting us today! Your commercial property can depend on a top of the line commercial door if you choose us.  We can handle your hollow metal doors and frames installations and repairs if required  A free estimate is available upon request.

Revolving Doors in Richmond Hill

Throughout the past 15 years, our team has been gaining much respect and credibility due to our hard workmanship, diligence and responsibility when meeting a project that include revolving doors , as well as commercial doors and more. Our team of technicians works hard to keep on top of the latest trends so you can have a wider range of alternatives when deciding on a new metal or revolving door.

As a team, we are proficient to bring high-quality results for all our services. Door Repair Services Richmond Hill are here to assist you with residential and commercial services such as:

* Revolving door manufacturers

* Automatic revolving doors installation

* Revolving doors repair.

* Revolving doors replacement.

* Revolving doors installation.

* Commercial hollow metal door frames.

* Commercial steel doors.

* Door replacement services

* Aluminum door installation

And more!

Finding the right contractor for revolving doors

A door is the first impression your guests and potential customers have when they approach your property. It takes a great professional with experience to help you gain the most of that asset once you decide on installing a new door.

As qualified door contractors, we have to comparison or competitors that match our expertise. Regardless of the state your door is, when it comes to revolving doors, our team has been delivering outstanding features regarding the repair or replacement of:

  • Disc assemblies
  • Pivot assemblies
  • Surface Locks
  • Weather-stripping
  • Lubrication
  • Hanger assemblies
  • Speed Controls


Door Services Richmond Hill offer maintenance ordeals that can fit your budget! For years our team has suffice to meet demands and requests for replacing parts, revolving door maintenance, and more! Our team is capable and qualified to work closely with you to ensure that all the solutions and alternatives we provide are custom and tailored to meet your needs and challenges.


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